HHP Sports Admin & Leisure Services

As a future professional in Health and Human Performance (HHP) you will promote active living and empower others to make healthy choices. Our faculty and staff will work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are prepared to engage the community and enhance our health-related quality of life. The curriculum includes a combination of lectures, experiential learning, and university/community service to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession.

The professional disciplines that comprise Sport and Leisure Services Administration (SLSA) prepare students for management and leadership positions in many commercial and non-profit settings. We recognize the complex relationship between sport and society, and allow students to select an emphasis in Sport Administration, Leisure Services, or Outdoor Recreation. A common core of courses in HHP and Business serve as the foundation, upon which each specialization can build.

Sport Administration:
Students studying sport administration will gain insight and experience into the sports and recreation profession on and off UTC’s campus. These students enjoy the culture of sports, recreation, and fitness and often end up on the following careers:
• K-12 or college athletic directors
• K-12 or college coaches
• Personal trainers
• Community recreation directors
• Facility managers
• Special event coordinators
• Camp Directors

Leisure Services Administration:
“Leisure” is the traditional definition for all activities outside of work and school. Students entering this specialization are “generalists” who will find careers helping others make positive use of non-work time. These careers may be found in:
• Community recreation centers
• Commercial tourism
• Museums and cultural centers (e.g. Children’s museum)
• After-school programs
• Co-curricular programs in K-12 and colleges

Outdoor Recreation:
Students in the outdoor recreation program are passionate about the outdoors and want others to recognize the benefits of connecting with the natural environment. There is perhaps no better place to experience the outdoors than in Outside Magazine’s #1 outdoor city in America: Chattanooga, TN. An outdoor recreation degree may lead to careers in:
• Camp management
• Adventure tourism (e.g. Outdoor Chattanooga)
• Outdoor Leadership
• Wilderness Therapy
• Facility Management
• K-12 and college outdoor programs
• Parks management (e.g. Park ranger)

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