"Agency Meetup Days 2016" Registration form
Please Note: The event is free of charge, however the team reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 50,- Euro in case of no-show or of late cancellation (latest date of cancellation is mentioned in your e-mail invitation).
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On which of the following events do you want to participate?
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To be able to plan ahead we need to know how many agencies are going to participate. So please kindly fill in the name of your agency if you want to join the "Agency Meetup" in your city.
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Please fill in your name and your e-mail address. Optional: phone number, so we can get in touch with you easier if there are unexpected incidents.
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Food preferences
If have any food preferences such as vegetarian oder vegan food or if you have any food allergies, please let us know and we try to arrange something for you.
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Do you know other TYPO3 Agencies or Freelancers that we should not forget to invite?
Please fill in their names and an e-mail address and AMD location which would be the closest for that person so we can get in touch with them.
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