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Hello heroes )

We are TheHeroes editors and we have the “CASE STUDIES” section. For a project founder, this
is an open microphone, which will help his potential customers and investors to learn more about his
product. All materials of the section appear on the main page, FOR FREE.


Do you want to share your success with the community and draw the attention of the global audience to your product on AI, CV/ML, AR/VR, BigData, blockchain and other technologies?

You answer the questions below; TheHeroes editors moderate the answers and compile them into a material, which is then published on the website.

The set of questions is typical for all; if you don’t answer some of them, this will be indicated in the material. The speed of reading and publishing the materials depends on the number of applications – the live queue rule is applied. See below for details on the timeline for consideration of applications.


The text for TheHeroes must be unique → not published earlier on another resource. Share a link to GoogleDocs with us allowing to comment on the text. Reposting is welcome (in your blog or on another site that allows it) but not earlier than the publication
on TheHeroes.


Try to test the pen. Write the case study on your own and send it in Russian and/or English to, and together we will make you more visible to investors and potential


A case study is always about “before/after.”

1. Write according to the formula: Issues → Actions → Results.
2. When describing the task, formulate so that it hurts.
3. State ways of solving the problem step by step.
4. Write in simple words, make the text shorter. Re-read and simplify again.
5. Pay attention to headlines. Let the reader understand your story only from them.
6. No need for many results, 1-5 is enough, 7 conclusions maximum.
7. The results don’t have to be in numerical terms, sometimes the conclusion and what you have
learned. Examples and community benefits are important.
Read more about writing case studies here:


TheHeroes editors reserve the right to select applications for publication. If instead of answers,
there’s a set of common phrases, artificial intelligence will offer you in a response letter with a standard
set of phrases to refine the material and send it to the queue again.

On average, we review applications for an article within 1-2 days. In case the material has to be
finalized, the publication time is postponed up to 21 days, depending on how long the revision takes.

With love, Vola Bartlaw and TheHeroes
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Tell us what your startup is about. Bad examples: “Our startup makes a competitor to Facebook,” “Weare making the future of sharing economy”. A good example: “We are making our own social network,which, based on the time spent in it, and geolocation zones, allows mining tokens. Then these tokens can be exchanged for real values – Uber rides, content, event tickets, coffee, service stations,barbershops.” *
What is the monetization model? *
How much time was spent on MVP? What mistakes made?
How did you come up with the idea to create a startup, what was the reason, incentive? *
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Who are your competitors, what are their achievements and how does your startup differ from them?
What competitors no longer exist but they managed to achieve some success in this niche? Why do you think they failed?
How do you assess the market for your product and why is now the right time for it?
How many people are on the team? If you are looking for new employees - indicate them. *
How much money/time is invested? Whose money? If you are looking for investment - specify theamount.
If the startup is already running - what did you achieve? Metrics, revenues, any understandable,measured indicators.
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