Residents Against Western Sydney Airport - Aircraft Observations
Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Aircraft Observations Evidence Gathering - Please take a few moments to record your observations of aircraft over your home in the event we need this evidence for future actions to stop the Western Sydney Airport destroying our communities.
There are a variety of apps you can get to find out more about aircraft in your area on your smart phone eg flight radar, flight tracker, flight aware or you can go to the air services australia website to use their web tracker (
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When was the aircraft heard/seen?
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Street address( street and suburb please) or GPS location
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Airline Information (where available)
E.g. Boeing 777, BA16, SYD-SIN
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Altitude ( where available)
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Noise level (dB)
please only fill this in if you measured the noise at your location, no estimates please.
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Any comments about the observations
eg. "louder than the TV", "I had to stop talking while the plane went overhead", how many minutes was it loud enough to hear.
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