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Use this form to sign up to volunteer at GIG on October 12, 2019. If you have any trouble with this form please feel free to email Katie Chappell, Program Manager Thank you and we look forward to you joining us for our 7th Annual Geek is Glam event.
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Are you currently a registered Girl Scout? And if you are an adult 18 or older do you have a valid CORI on file with GSCWM? If not, we require all adult volunteers 18 and older to be registered and CORI'd; you will receive an additional email on how to begin this process.
Are you able to join us for the whole day from 7am-6pm? If not, please list times you will be available. *
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What are your three preferred volunteer opportunities? We will do our best to place you where you prefer but reserve the opportunity to place you where you are most needed as well. *
Will you be bringing Girl Scouts to attend the program?
Our First 35 Girl Scout volunteers who sign up, will receive a GIG T-shirt. Shirt size ( they are adult unisex shirts). We are unable to tell you if you will get a shirt till the day of the event.
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As we are unable to guarantee shirts for all volunteers. Please make sure you wear either a College you are volunteering from, Girl Scout or bright Pink/Coral shirt to the event so you will be identified as a volunteer. Check yes to agree *
Do you have any medical or physical restrictions we should be made aware of?
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Do you agree to the following expectations of volunteering at GIG. I understand that I am volunteering to work the event and that I will not be with my daughter/girls throughout the event. *
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