Mark T. Sheehan Hall of Fame Mission Statement
The Mark T. Sheehan High School Hall of Fame was established to honor and showcase, Sheehan alumni and staff whose deeds and character exemplify outstanding accomplishments, service to their community or society as a whole in keeping with the school motto “We Seek to Serve Humanity.”

Note: The Following criteria are for consideration in evaluating the nominees, they are not necessarily requirements. The submission of a name for consideration will be made in one or more of the following categories.
-Nominees who have been a role model for current Mark T. Sheehan High School students.
-Nominees who have distinguished themselves and / or shown great leadership at the local, state, national, and/or
international level through their chosen careers or vocations.
-Nominees who have made distinguished contributions to society through their work or donation of time.

Alumni: to be eligible ten years post graduation
Faculty: to be eligible one year post retirement

Specific Criteria Examples:
Academic / Career Accomplishments:
A respected and distinguished leader in his/her profession or chosen field.
Recognized academic achievements at Sheehan and/or at the college or university level
Demonstrate unique accomplishments within the area of their academic talents.

Athletic Accomplishments:
Recognized athletic accomplishments at Mark T. Sheehan High School and/or the college/university levels
Special professional or amateur achievements (professional athlete, national competitor, Olympic, Special Olympic participant)

Cultural Arts / Entertainment Accomplishments:
Recognized as a well-known or frequently published writer, winner of prestigious literacy, acting or artistic awards, influential critic, recognized musician or composer

Major Contributions to Wallingford School District:
A positive influence in the lives of Mark T Sheehan colleagues and students
Demonstrated leadership, character and service while at Sheehan High School

Humanitarian / Military / Public Service
Recognized for their service in the military
Significant humanitarian service to local, state, national or world communities.

Please note all forms received after the October 1st deadline will be considered for the following year's induction.

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