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This form allows you to express interest in our Maid Cafes!'s Maid Cafes present a unique experience for convention attendees to experience the Japanese idea of maid cafes but with our own improvements to make them appropriate for conventions!

This is not exactly an application form, and it's not exactly NOT an application. This is where you start if you might be interested in being in the maid cafe as either a Maid or Butler or Cafe Staff.

Please fill out this form!

What being in the cafe entails:
* Generally there are some training events you will have to show up in person for. These can be months before the con!
* Training can be hard work for maids and butlers, learning dances and game!

Here's one thing we need you to know: Being in the Maid Cafe is not about YOU! There is no room for drama, egos, and attitudes in the maid cafe, because we are all here for one goal: To provide for the best experience for our patrons!

Our maid cafe generally keeps the same thing - royal customers and maids and butler servants. Most maid cafes around the world have a theme - some are themed where the maids and/or butlers are cats, magical girls, ninjas, etc. We may change the theme some time in the future. We might keep it the same to deliver a consistent experience. The point is though; maid cafes provide a fun cosplay/fantasy cafe experience.

Generally you will report to the managers in charge of the maid cafe. You will all work as a team to create a great cafe experience!

We look forward to your interest!

-- The Maid Cafe Team
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