2020 GAC Wrap Up Report
Thank you for participating in the 2020 Great American Cleanup!

Filling out this wrap-up report will allow you to continue to be a part of GAC, grant opportunities, and other KOB programs. If you have questions or need assistance please contact KOB office at 405.286.9141

PLEASE SEND ALL PHOTOS TO miranda@keepoklahomabeautiful.com
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Did you participate in the 2020 ODOT Trash OFF? *
In-Kind Government Costs *
Total Value of Government Employee Hours *
How much did you receive government grants to fund your operating/admin budget? *
Number of trash bags collected at your event(s)? *
Pounds of collected using bags *
(20 lbs. per 20 gallon bag)
Additional POUNDS of litter/debris collected? *
(1 ton = 2,000 lbs.)
Miles of streets, roads, highways cleaned & beautified? *
Miles of hiking, biking, and/or nature trails cleaned? *
Miles of rivers, lakes or shorelines cleaned? *
Miles of railroad tracks cleaned? *
Number of playgrounds/community recreation areas built, cleaned, restored or improved? *
Acres of parks and public lands cleaned? *
Number of of litter free events? *
Number of underwater cleanup events? *
Number of wetlands cleaned or improved? *
Number of illegal dump sites cleaned? *
Pounds of clothing collected for recycle? *
Pounds of PET plastics (#1& #2) collected for recycling? *
Pounds of other plastic collected for recycling? *
Pounds of aluminum collected for recycling? *
Pounds of steel cans collected for recycling? *
Pounds of glass collected for recycling? *
Pounds paper/newspaper collected for recycling? *
Pounds of corrugated cardboard collected for recycling? *
Pounds of electronics collected recycling? *
Pounds of wireless phones/related materials collected for recycling? *
Pounds of Household Hazard Waste collected? *
Pounds of other recyclables collected for recycling? *
Number of tires collected for recycling? *
Number of gardens, xeriscape & green spaces created? *
Number of NEW food producing gardens created? *
Number of trees planted? *
Number of seedlings planted? *
Number of shrubs planted? *
Number of flowers or bulbs planted? *
Number of homes painted, renovated or built? *
Number of community or commercial buildings painted, renovated, or built? *
Number of graffiti sites removed or abated? *
Number of junk vehicles removed? *
Number of education workshops/ community outreach presentations held? *
Number of ADULTS in attendance at workshop/presentations? *
Number of CHILDREN in attendance at workshop/presentations? *
Number of general awareness events held (e.g. litter free events, booths @ events, fairs, festivals, ect...)? *
How many volunteers? *
Number of Participants? *
Number of audience members? *
Number of GAC events held? *
Total length of hours worked by volunteers? *
Number of people in community audience (at general awareness events listed above)? *
Do you believe you are collecting less litter during the Great American Cleanup because of your education efforts? *
Please describe the events/activities that took place during your cleanup: *
Did you produce printed materials that featured and/or mentioned the Great American Cleanup logo and the National Sponsors logo or name? *
What is the most unusual item you found during your cleanup? *
Do you have comments/suggestions about your overall GAC experience? *
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