FREE Distance Group Reiki Healing
Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that taps into universal life energy to help balance the mind and body.

Every Sunday evening at 9:00pm I will send you Reiki Healing Energy. Fill out the form and what your healing wish is to receive the healing. I will read every name on this list with your healing request and give you Reiki at 9:00pm your time. It may sounds weird but Reiki energy is not bound by time or space so when I send you the energy wherever you are in the world, it will be sent to you at 9:00pm your time.

Some people experience heat, a calming feeling, can actually feel me working on various parts of their body but everyone is different. Reiki can help with pain management and can also help you to make better decisions to support your healing.

Some people get immediate results while others take several sessions to see shifts in their situation. Reiki is supporting you to cleanse your energy centres (chakras) so that healing life force energy can flow freely through you. This is something I practice on myself almost daily to support my own healing and growth. This is a great self-care practice to and I recommend that you sign up every week for healing sessions.

If you would like to get an individual session which is focused solely on you and much stronger, you can check out my services page and make an appointment.

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Would you like to share your experience with the Reiki session? Have you had any healing or has your healing wish come true? I would love to hear from you. If you want to remain anonymous, please say so in your response.
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DISCLAIMER: Lauri-Ann Ainsworth is a certified Reiki Master, not a medical or health practitioner. Reiki healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Lauri-Ann Ainsworth sends out energy for each person on her list for them to use it to heal themselves.You should consult with your health care practitioner when you find any medical condition existing. It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki, healing will take place but it may happen in unexpected ways. *
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