Ballroom for Kids, Youth and Young Adults
"d W Dance" will be giving a Youth Group lesson for the younger dancers in a dance studio. Social and competitive level Standard and Latin dancing in an easy to learn format with a twist of fun and high professionalism. Your children will find many benefits, and many enhancements to life learning, and ballroom dance - whether it is introduced as an passion, pastime, or hobby. They will find an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms; and they will experience an increased sense of balance, and a more fluid movement in walking and running.

It teaches coordinated movement individually and with a partner, Rhythm and tempo, poise, balance, strength helps with the vesicle movement in your body which can be used in other sports and gives confidence.

"Ballroom for Kids" and "Youth Dance Team" (727) 888-4405

We also have Ballroom and Latin opportunities for further Education in Ballroom and Latin technique .

Associate (6 months)
Has to have at least 5 years Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Must be able to assist in Group classes and practice the techniques they have learned in the course (Part time).

Membership (2 years)
Full time in a dance studio adjudicating regional dance competitions.

Fellowship (4 years)
Examiner adjudicating National and international dance competitions

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