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What five resources -- books, articles, films, zines, websites, etc -- have shaped you as an anarchist, a radical Christian, and/or as an agitator for justice, liberation, and resisting oppression? Please share one or more of the resources that have been most meaningful in your development, including title, reference information, a summary, a link (if online) and relevant tags. You may also include a personal reflection about the item if you choose.

We ask that you thoughtfully choose works that are particularly “intersectional” in their analysis, and/or written by people whose perspectives are often marginalized by dominant voices. Our goal is to collect a diverse body of work for inclusion in Jesus Radicals' online People's Library.

You may add up to five resources per submission. If you have less than five entries, skip ahead to the submit button.

Please fill out as much information as possible and double check for accuracy.
Resource One: Title
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Resource One: Reference information
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Resource One: Summary
What are the main arguments? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say?
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Resource One: Link
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Resource One: Tags
What category or categories does this resource fall under? Examples: #patriarchy, #capitalism, #theology, #black liberation, #direct action, #hospitality, #queer, #white privilege,#speciesism, #nonviolence, #biblical interpretation
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Resource One: Personal reflection
Why was/is this resource important to you? How did it help shape your perspective?
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