"The Unforgotten Babies" - The inspiration behind the Buttons Project.
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Healing starts the moment you feel heard. This is part of my abortion story and journey of healing. Along with my husband, Peter, sharing from a male perspective, which is often not heard. I am not a counsellor, but someone with certain life experiences which has shaped me into the person I am today. I did, however, train in Mental Health and did some community papers, which have given an added insight into the effects abortion can have on a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Through my own journey and hearing from many other post abortive women, the realisation of what we have done may hit within days of the termination, months or not come for many years. Realising that for many of us, the periods of depression, anxiety and unfillable void within, can often link back to the abortion. Many post abortive women are struggling alone with their pain and just waiting for the right person to hear her story. Someone who understands what she’s going through and someone who will not condemn her or minimise what has happened. Our hope is that sharing some of our story, will not only help others on their journey of healing, but also help those that find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy and are going through life-changing decision making. That people will be fully informed and know of all support options available to them.

“ Walk gently in people’s lives, as you never know what they have been through, or going through at this very moment and they are just waiting for the right person to hear their story.” Marina

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