2019 Signup for Spearing and Netting
This form is to be used to register to receive email and text notifications for the days that FDL will be spearing or netting during spring 2019. FDL RMD staff will send out daily notifications identifying the lakes open for that evening. If no email or text is received, that means FDL is not spearing or netting that day. Once you receive the daily notification, you may choose whether or not you wish to participate that evening. If you work or are otherwise unavailable, feel free to ignore the daily email. If you are free and wish to participate, simply respond to the daily email or call in to the number provided on the email. You will be registered for the daily drawing to be held late morning. Once the drawing has taken place, RMD staff will notify only those Band members that have received a permit to fish that evening. Any questions, please contact Terri Redding at 218.878.7155.
A successful night on the lake!
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This is the email address that you expect to receive daily notifications from FDLRMD staff. Please be very careful to input the correct email address. FDL RMD will not be responsible for incorrect email addresses and mis-directed or undeliverable emails. If you do not have an email address, input N/A and be prepared to call RMD daily at 218.878.7101.
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Contact Phone # *
Give us a phone number to call when you are drawn for a spearing or netting permit. Please be very careful to input the correct phone number. FDL RMD will not be responsible for looking up incorrect numbers. If you do not have a personal phone number, give us one that we can call and who will give you a timely message. Please include area code. Also, Excel does not recognize ( ) or -, so please just input your straight phone number, as in 2183482248.
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Cell Phone Carrier *
If the number you provided above is a cell phone number, and you wish to receive daily notifications as texts instead of emails, please provide us with your cell phone carrier, e.g. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. FDL RMD can't possibly know your cell carrier. If you don't want to receive texts but just emails at the address indicated above, simply click "N/A" in the space below. If your carrier is not listed below, please indicate in the final OTHER line.
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