Anti-immigrant fear-mongering mailed to State Reps.
UPDATE 12/10:
Conservative groups, using debunked claims of hate groups, have targeted State Reps with "mailers" sent to voters in their district. Designed to make voters afraid of immigrants and send alarmed and angry calls into Beacon Hill, these kinds of strategies have unfortunately worked too well for foes of progress in the past.

What can we do?

We need to pass the Safe Communities Act. But opponents are organizing and whipping up familiar and untrue and hateful fears about what the SCA would do--demonizing immigrants.

Legislators need to be reminded. We need to call. Ask questions. Call and ask again. When can we stop? When they pass the #SafeCommunitiesAct, we can pause. And then we carry on!

(We know you've done this before -- calling again and again shows that you are not going to forget. We can do this. But we have to make noise, where and when it matters)
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Day-to-Day News Changes, But the Ask Is the Same:
Please adapt the Legislator script to reflect the developments of the day:

"I need to know you are working as hard as you can to pass the #SafeCommunitiesAct: especially with Trump's Muslim travel bans, white supremacists' emboldening, the end of DACA. You must make Safe Communiteis your urgent, top priority. This is important to me and our communities and we are paying attention"
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