Glasgow & its music scene
What started as an academic research project is now turning into a book - mostly a collection of stories and individual accounts - of a far more personal nature. For the past 3 years or so, I've been doing interviews with people involved in making music in Glasgow (musicians, DJs, promoters, venue and studio owners, sound engineers...) but also with fans, and the fans' stories have added amazing colours to the portrait of Glasgow I'm trying to draw. That's why I'd love to collect more fan stories from across the globe.
The survey forms part of a larger project; my objective is to look at the way people perceive Glasgow, at what image or representations of the city they may have (whether they've actually been to Glasgow or not) through following its independent music scene since the early 1980s, and to look at how that representation may play with how the local music makers see their own city and "scene".

Please note that your answers will be entirely anonymised - unless you actually want your name to be used, in which case just add it to the last question.

*** Feel free to answer in ANY LANGUAGE, not necessarily English! - I can get help translating ***

There is no specific required format or length to your answers; even the shortest will be of great use. Feel free to skip any question that seems inappropriate or irrelevant to you, to answer several (or all!) questions jointly, etc. And naturally, I’m happy to hear of any other thing you’d like to share!

Above all, I'm interested in individual accounts, the personal stories or relations people may have with music, so do not overthink your answers, the simplest and most spontaneous are always the most interesting.

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Thank you for your help!
Laurence Estanove

By taking part in this survey, I consent to the information and data I give here being used in this study and other related research projects. I understand that such data will be kept in the strictest confidence by the project bearers, and only used by them.


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1. What does Glasgow represent for you, musically or otherwise?
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2. Are there some specific musicians or bands who truly represent Glasgow for you?
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3. Would you say that you listen to Glasgow-based music...?
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