The Night Owl Reads: Gender and Caste in India
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Gender and caste are two fault lines in Indian society which run not just long but incredibly deep. It is crucial for any work of responsible writing to be sensitive of them. With this aim in mind, and to facilitate more informed discussions around gender and caste, The Night Owl brings to you this reading group. These are the texts we have planned to go through and discuss:

'Gendering caste' Uma Chakravarti
'The other side of silence' Urvashi Butalia
Collected works of Ismat Chughtai
'A life in trans activism' A Revathi
'Aaydan' Urmila Pawar
'Seeing like a feminist' Nivedita Menon
'Dalit women talk differently' Sharmila Rege
'Ms. Militancy' Meena Kandasamy
'Annihilation of caste' Dr. B.R Ambedkar

We will be having regular discussions around these themes using both chat (over a whatsapp group) and GMeet. The meeting would be scheduled for days convenient to all participants.

What's in it for you?
- All reading material will be made available to you in the soft copy format.
- Active participants will have a chance to actively un-learn, re-learn, and learn.
- Chance to get your writing published on our website, along with editorial guidance.
- Certificates for active participation and LORs for the most enthusiastic learners.
- An opportunity to join the in-house writing team of The Night Owl Writes.
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