Case Sharing is Wanted
SOYAL are looking for the successful cases (shall include the name of the distributors and the location, installation date and real shots of the cases and so on). After those real shots are uploaded (unlimited time and location) and are adopted in our propaganda, the awards will be offered to the participants by SOYAL.
Activity Duration: 7, May, 2018~7, June, 2018

Qualifications: All the clients of SOYAL

Awards: If the case is adopted, one AR-888H-US-V1 (The First Generation) will be sent as the awards

Requirements and Usage of the cases:
The participants agree to freely authorize the organizer to use and forward all the materials uploaded in an unlimited time

Example For One Successful Case
The name of the distributors *
The name of the successful cases *
The location of successful cases *
Year of Finish installation *
The SOYAL products that has/have been used *
The Quantity of the products *
Brief introduction of the installation project *
Those photos of the installation location (appearance) *
Those photos of the installation location (interior) (P.S. pixels: 2480*3508 or more) *
Attention and the statement of personal information
1. The photos uploaded mean that your photos comply with the regulations of this activity and the restriction of the
contents. Also, it means that you have read and agreed the regulations of relative activities and the regulations of the
collection of personal information. If violation happens, the organizer has the power to delete those photos and
cancel the qualifications of the participants by the organizer himself.
2. Before uploading, the participants must have all the rights of those materials uploaded.
3. Those photos shall not let the following conditions happen:
a. Violation of the laws or violation of others people’s rights
b. Including but not limited to invasion of privacy, portrait rights or intellectual property rights (including copyright),
or any contents that violate the law or Infringe the rights of third parties
4. If the uploaded photos have the contents that involve the rights of third parties, the participants shall make sure that
they have gotten all the legal use rights and thus can upload those photos to participate in this activity. Also, the
organizer can use the contents uploaded for achieve all or parts of the goals of the activity
5. As soon as the photos are uploaded, it means that you (the participants) have agreed to freely authorize the organizer
and the implementer to remake, edit, alter and so on those photos and materials that have been uploaded by the
6. The organizer has the right of review, and the participants will get awards after the cases are adopted
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