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Please note the following guidelines for our Zoom meetings: All meetings are recorded. No Television, Radio, Phone, or other audible distractions should occur in the background. All persons attending the meeting should be 18 years of age and above. Our recorded Zoom meetings are kept confidential. Any content of our recorded Zoom Meeting will be used for Court related rehabilitation planning and other restorative justice advocacy efforts by Correctional Rehabilitation Consultants. You should also understand that we are not attorneys or accredited counselors, yet the value of are consultation allows you to create a favorable dialogue with your attorney and counselors. We help our clients raise the proper legal questions to get the right legal answers. There are many people in the prison system today who will quickly say, "My Attorney lied to me" or "My Attorney didn't do his job" or "I was forced to sign for this deal because I didn't know I had other options". That's why our clients trust us to give them the insight they deserve. But please understand, by agreeing to participate in a Zoom Meeting with Correctional Rehabilitation Consultants, you agree to hold Correctional Rehabilitation Consultants harmless, not liable, and or not at fault for any related or unrelated disclosure or privacy issues surrounding your Zoom Meeting with Correctional Rehabilitation Consultants. You also agree that, if you do choose to audio or video record any of our Zoom Meetings, that you will let us know in advance, and that your intent to record will not be for any malicious, harmful, or otherwise accusatory pursuits against Correctional Rehabilitation Consultants, its owner, staff, volunteers or partners. These guidelines are safeguards with the understanding that there are, unfortunately, some people who do not know how to abide by informal or formal conflict resolution proceedings. Ninety-nine percent of our clients respectfully understand this.
Statement of Purpose and Waiver of Liability *
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