PSConfBook3 CFA
We are looking for authors for the third volume of the PowerShell Conference Book, which is a charity project that benefits scholarships to the PowerShell + DevOps Summit OnRamp program.

We are looking for stories of practical experience or distilled advice for working with complex systems, cool PowerShell tips and tricks, lessons hard-learned, and other WinOps-y/DevOps-y content.

By submitting a CFP or writing a chapter, you agree that you have read and understood the copyright-terms linked below. You also agree that the copyright Holder of Record for the Book will be The DevOps Collective, Inc.

You will additionally need to read and agree to the Author Expectations.

The timeline for this process should be as follows:
Close submissions on Monday, April 20th, at 11:00 PM PDT
Notify everyone by May 5th
Final drafts will be due by July 5th
Finalize publication by August 30th

You may fill out this form only once, but you can submit up to 5 chapter proposals in this form. Only one chapter per author will be selected.

You may come back and edit this form as many times as you like until we close the CFA.
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