Sugar-Salem School District Parent/Guardian Input Form For Teacher Evaluation
In accordance with Sections 33-514(4)and 33-515(2), Idaho Code, Parent/Guardian input shall be considered as a factor in Teacher Evaluation. The Sugar-Salem School District asks that you complete the following survey in an effort to meet the above requirement. It should be noted however, parent/guardian input will NOT be considered if the survey is submitted anonymously. Input will only be considered valid accompanied with parent or guardian's name.

If you prefer, you may also contact Mr. Dunn or the principals by e-mail to give your input.
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I believe my child's classroom is a safe learning environment.
I can reach my child's teacher to communicate about student progress.
I believe my child's teacher is knowledgeable of the curriculum/subject area and how to teach it at the appropriate level.
I believe my child's teacher appropriately monitors and assesses my child's learning.
I believe my child's teacher sets and maintains student expectations for learning and behavior.
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