Oasis for Caregivers:                                         Caregivers Needs and Survey
Many caregivers face challenges and deserve emotional support. We hope that you would fill out this survey so we can find out your needs and interests so we can better provide relevant assistance.

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A. I am a caregiver for: *
B. What type of caregiver am I? *
C. Please choose which statement describes how you are coping as a caregiver *
D. Please choose which statement describes how you are feeling overall *
E1. What are some of your needs? *
F. HOPEwwS would like to provide the following to support you as a caregiver: (tick all that you are interested in participating)
Tick if interested in particating
1. Information on Resources for caregivers
2. a 1 hour Self-Care/Wellness Talk (virtual)
3. a 1 hour Self-Care/Wellness (face-to-face), if feasible
4. a 1 hour monthly Support Group (virtual)
5. a 1 hour monthly Support Group (face-to-face), if feasible
6. Receiving encouragement via whatsapp, cards, etc
F1. When is the best timing for the Self-Care/Wellness talks or support group? (NOTE: if using your mobile, please view in landscape to see all the options)
Sat 10-11am
Sat 130-230pm
Sat 3-4pm
Weeknite 8-9pm
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4th choice
5th choice
6th choice
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G. Have you been vaccinated yet? (in preparation for face-to-face option, when feasible) *
Completed 2nd vaccine shot
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