2016-2017 - Childrens' Mass Sign-Up
Thank you for having taken the time to sign up your son/daughter for the Childrens' Mass at St. Leonard Parish. Please read the form carefully as we hope to answer any questions you may have.
My son/daughter and I would like to help out with the mass on:
Please note that all masses are at 9am
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Parent E-Mail Address
An e-mail address will allow the mass coordinator to contact parents with information about what to do on the day of the mass. If your child is volunteering to do one of the readings (First Reading, Second Reading, or Intercessory Prayers (sign-up is below)), your e-mail address will also allow the mass coordinator to send you the relevant information ahead of the mass.
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Child's First Name:
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My son/daughter would like to do one of the following:
** Text will be sent ahead of time to allow children to practice before the mass date
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