Anime Destiny 2016 Masquerade Registration

The Anime Destiny Masquerade will take place from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in the main panel room.
The contest is limited to the first 20 entries with 5 on standby.
Please be sure to read and understand the rules.

1. At-con registration is from 9:00am - 4:00pm. You will have to have all members of groups present at the time you register for the contest. You may not add to your group after you have registered. Craftsmanship judging will take place from 5:00pm. Everyone in the group must read and sign the rules at the time they register and be present at check in. Participants will receive a number at that time which will determine the order of appearance. The contest itself will take place at 7:00pm. You must be outside the room, ready and in costume for a final check in by 6:45pm.

2. We prefer that costumes are handmade by you or someone else. If costumes are “store bought” or made from found items they will only be considered for presentation. If you have made major alterations or adaptations to a purchased item it could be considered for construction. It is expected that some costumes may include minor elements that were purchased. If it looks like regular clothing, it’s not a costume (special exceptions may be allowed by the contest staff but the need must be explained at the time of registration – bring a reference picture if you are unsure).

3. Maximum time allowed on stage is 1 minute for walk-ons and 2 minutes for skits/performances regardless of number of people in your group. Some special permission may be granted for longer time periods but the group in question must directly consult the contest coordinator to get permission. Individuals may not appear solo as well as in a group regardless of costume. If you go over your limit you will be cut off.

4. Contestants must agree to allow video recording and photography of their costumes and/or presentation for use by Anime Destiny and other independent press sources. This may include publication on web sites, in newspapers, programs, posters, flyers, etc. Compensation for such use will not be provided.

5. Safety Issues: No messy substances or anything that may pose a danger is allowed on stage. Costumes should be PG rating as this is a family event. Contestants under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present with them and sign a permission form at registration.

6. Category definitions: Re-Creation: A costume copied from an existing design, such as from a movie, comic book, famous artwork, anime and so on. Original: A design original to the maker/wearer. It may be inspired from some published work of fantasy, science fiction, mythology, etc. but is not a copy.

7. The Coordinator may reject an entry on the basis of inappropriate or unsafe behavior or content. Please remember no shooting, throwing or hitting anyone or anything with objects or weapons. Also, the cosplay staff does not like surprises. Anything unusual must be fully explained at registration or the entry may be disqualified.

8. No audience participation. Do not invite audience members to join you on stage, or request any action from them, etc. This will result in immediate disqualification. Of course spontaneous audience reaction such as clapping, shouting, etc. is not a problem.

9. If you have music, pre-recorded dialog, or narration for your presentation, it must be on a flash drive or provided in this form. All recorded audio must be submitted at the time you register for the contest and picked up after the event is over. All physical media must be labeled with your name, the general description or title of your presentation and your entry number. Due to tech constraints, we will not be able to accommodate special sound requests.

10. You will have access to microphones at the time of the contest, but you may not scream into the microphone, tap it, or put it on or near the floor at any time. Keep that in mind when you design your skit because you may have to project your voice. We will not have any recording opportunities at this convention.

11. Weapons: If a weapon is part of your costume it must be checked by cosplay staff for safety reasons. No loaded guns or weapons including cap pistols or airsoft guns are allowed. No shooting or throwing weapons are allowed. Brandishing of bladed weapons or swinging chains, etc. on stage is prohibited. Violations will result in your being removed from both the contest and the convention. The safety of everyone is a priority.

12. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded based on three categories: craftsmanship, performance, and best in show. Craftsmanship awards take crafting experience into account and will only be awarded to those who have constructed or heavily altered their costumes. Performance awards are open to be won by anyone regardless of costume construction. Best in show combines both craftsmanship and performance.

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