Evaluation of Mr. Taylor 2011-2012
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Mr Taylor...
..., his teaching helped me to learn the course material.
... treated students in this course with respect.
... was accessible to students when they needed extra help outside of class.
... organized this course well.
... presented course material well.
... seemed well prepared for class.
... was enthusiastic about the subject.
... fairly evaluated my work.
... chose assessments of my knowledge (exams, quizzes, papers, or projects) which were relevant to the course learning objectives.
... provided feedback to help me keep track of my learning.
..., I would recommend him to other students
Was there any part of the grading that that you thought was particularly unfair?
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Was there any activity that you liked a lot or wished we had done more of?
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Was there any activity that you disliked or wished we had done less of?
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Is there anything that you think Mr. Taylor does particularly well?
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Is there something that certain teachers do that you think would make Mr. Taylor a better teacher if he did the same?
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Geometry Only: A large number of students did not do homework regularly OR re-take quizzes when they did poorly. If this was you, is there any reason why you did not do homework or re-take quizzes?
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