Application for Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat Mt Alexander Region, 9th - 11th August 2019

We think it is rad that you are keen to discover what adventure awaits with Landcare by applying for the Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat in the Mt Alexander region, VIC to be held Friday 9th – 11th August 2019 at Castlemaine Gardens Holiday Park, Castlemaine.

The leadership retreat will be the perfect place to connect to other young like-minded people, hear from awesome inspiring speakers, get your hands dirty with an action-packed weekend of adventure, conservation, cultural immersion and discovering what opportunities exist across the Mt Alexander / Central Victoria regions with Landcare.

To make these opportunities accessible to as many young people as possible, successful applicants are being generously supported by North Central Catchment Management Authority and Connecting Country through funding from the Victorian Landcare Program. This support covers all catering, accommodation and a carefully packaged leadership development program tailored to meet the needs of young people passionate about the environment. So we do ask that you take this commitment seriously before applying.

By applying for the retreat you agree to the terms and conditions, those being:
- you understand that applying for the leadership retreat does not secure your spot
- you are 16 years or older and have permission from a parent / guardian to attend the retreat (for those under 18 years)
- you are 35 years old or under as of 30th June 2020
- you are available and will attend the entire leadership retreat (6.00pm Friday 9th August – 5.00pm Sunday 11th August 2019)
- you have real intentions of becoming involved / are currently active in environmental and conservation-type activities across the Mt Alexander / Central Victoria regions
- you are keen to make a difference for the environment and / or community
- you are up for an adventure!

Should you have any questions please email or call Megan Rowlatt on 0412 532 817.

We will be in touch by the 19th of July to inform you about the outcome of your application. Should your application be unsuccessful, we may place you on a waiting list, so please be prepared to be available on the weekend of the retreat should a place become available.

Please don't be shy when responding to the application, be creative and best of luck!

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You can find more info on our website here:

This project is supported by North Central Catchment Management Authority and Connecting Country through funding from the Victorian Landcare Program.

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