V15 2018 Awards and Nominations
Help vote on awards to be presented and nominate officers to be elected at the fleet party on Saturday, October 20th at the Bay View Boat Club. (Header photo credit: Vinay Vijayakumar)
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For Sam's eyes only, to determine whether people are volunteering themselves or nominating someone else for officer positions, and so I can harass people who haven't voted yet. Other than that, all votes will remain anonymous. (Please, please, please don't feel pressured to vote for me. I'm all in favor of other people winning awards and taking on officer roles.)
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Bay View Boat Club, October 20th starting at 6 PM. bit.ly/v15-party-2018
Please vote for the following awards, which will be presented at the fleet party on November 19th. You can vote for individuals or skipper/crew pairs. Members of both the Thursday fleet and the Tuesday team race fleet are eligible to vote and receive awards. Voting is encouraged, but you're allowed to skip any category where you don't have an opinion if you'd like.
Most Improved
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Sportsmanship Award
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Culinary Award (Best Social Chair)
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What did we do well this year? What can we do better?
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Elections will be held at the fleet party.
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