Guiding Skills in Art Gallery & Museum (CRS-N-0043053)
This is a 7 hours PDC offered by trainer Callie Tan & Lianne Tan. To impart the Knowledge Skills and correct Attitude for Tourist guide in guiding in a Art Gallery & Museum. At the end of the PDC, trainees will learn

Knowledge in
- History of Western Arts.
- History of Singapore Arts (Nanyang Arts)
- Contemporary Arts in Singapore.
- Knowing Arts Movement in South East Asia.

Language Skills in
1. Delivering Arts information. Sequence of information within the commentaries.
2. Pace of information delivery with respect to Tour group control.

Guiding technique Skills in
1. Delivering Arts information to Adults.
2. Interacting with audience prior to selecting the relevant information in commentaries.
3. Sequencing the route.

Guiding technique Skills in
1. Delivering Arts information to Schoolers.
2. Interacting with school prior to selecting the relevant information in commentaries.
3. Sequencing the route.

Important Notice:
You can apply for training allowance (min $10/hour - more for NTUC member) under NTUC Training Fund for Self Employed (SEP). Apply for your letter of eligibility via because you cannot claim if you attend course before you have the eligible letter.

Visit for more information.

Email copy of SEP letter of eligibility to when request for Training Certification Slip via to claim for your training allowance from e2i

Site visit for this PDC has been replace as safety measures against Covid 19 until further notice
Guiding Skills in Art Gallery & Museum (CRS-N-0043053)
Fee, Subsidy, Terms & Conditions
Course Registration Fee: $10 (Waived for STGS Member)

Full Course Fee: $120 (Non-Singaporean/Non-PR to pay Full Fee) + $10 (if not STGS Member)

Subsidized Course Fee for Singaporean/PR (Non-STGS member to add $10 Course Registration Fee)
1. Singaporean and PR 21 years old or above - $24 (Nett Fee)
2. Singaporean above 40 years old - $12 (Nett Fee)

Terms for Funding (Not Applicable to Non-Singaporean / Non-PR)
• Trainee has NOT attended the same course (even in different language) before
• Trainee MUST achieve at least 75% of the training hours
• Trainee MUST pass the assessments
• Trainee MUST provide ALL required information accurately.
• Trainee MUST provide copy ID / e2i SEP eligibility letter (if applicable) to STGS for verification when requested
• STGS reserve the rights to claim back FULL Fee from trainee for false declaration & unclaimable fee
• Company sponsored Singaporean/PR (paid by company) are eligible for absentee payroll *

Refund Policy
• No refund allowed 7 days prior to course start date
• Trainees who fail to show up for course without valid reason (last-minute job are not valid) cannot apply to change date or change PDC. The amount paid by trainee shall be forfeited for no show.

Privacy Policy:
• Information collected are used for processing of SSG funding & STB PDC submission only.
• STGS reserve the rights to cancel, postpone or amend the date and time of the PDC delivery

Reference For more information about SkillsFuture SG (SSG) funding please visit below website

* Click on below link to know more about absentee payroll for company sponsored trainee
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