IFY 2021-2022 After School interest form
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2021 After School Fee 課輔收費
After School Fee $140 per week; $560 per month (4 weeks)

Driver pickup (from school to IFY) fee paid directly to driver:
* Per car $100-$200 per week (depending on distance from school)
* Max 3-5 students
* Driver fee is split among families in the same car

e.g. Azevada, Blacow, Brier $100 per week per car, max 4 students. With full car it would be $25 per week per student

課輔費用 每週 $140; 每月$560 (四週)

接送費用 (學校到愛飛揚) 費用直接給接送天使:
* 每車 $100-$200 每週 (視乎學校遠近)
* 最多3-5位學生
* 同車的各個家庭平分費用

如:Azevada, Blacow, Brier 大車每週 $100, 最多 4 位學生. 滿車的話 每位學生 每週 $25
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* Used for after school and subject class update (N/A if don't have account) 用於課輔和單科溝通平台 (N/A假如沒有帳號)
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For tax mailing purpose 用於郵寄報稅表格 (Can leave N/A if you wish to opt out)
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After school program 課後輔導班

Custom made program for each student during this difficult time. The goal is to promote student's learning capability, and to guide them to with a study plan, and to finish and record the student tasks efficiently. This is a program targeted to increment students knowledge, and also equally importantly emotional support, so the student is cared for as a whole being. After registration our Principal Selena will contact you for more details on this program.
After School Program interest list 課後輔導班 報名 *
Additional information
Please provide the subjects you will like to be tutored (ex. English, Math, etc...) If you have any other information you’d like to let us know, please also write down your requests.
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