Typesetter Requirements

What does a Typesetter do?
> Copies text onto manga
> Position this text on bubbles
> Sets appropriate font and font style

What is the difference between a typesetter and cleaner?
Your only job is to position appropriately style English text on top of manga.The cleaner removes foreign text and restore arts beforehand for you.

How difficult is typesetting?

Do I need to know a foreign language?

What do I need?
> CS3 Photoshop or better
> Permission to install fonts
> Decent computer that can run Photoshop

Which series do I work on?
Totally your choice, though it depends whether there is a position open for that project.

Oddsquad Guide can be found in the test ZIP file.

Some obvious things:
> You don't get paid
> You need to complete the test
> There's a 2-3 week trial after you are accepted.

Complete ONE of the following tests before you begin filling the form

Manga Typesetter Test

Webtoon Typesetter Test

    This is a required question