Mariposas 2021 Scholarship Application
¡Bienvenidx! We're happy you have decided to be considered for a Mariposas scholarship. Make sure you have read the eligibility requirements for the scholarship listed on the Mariposas scholarships page. Review the information we are requesting in this form prior to entering information into the form. It might be a good idea to answer the questions in a separate document and once you finish, copying and pasting your answers into this form. This will ensure you don't lose your answers in the process. Keep in mind that Google Forms does not give you the option of returning to edit or finish at a later time.

All questions are required in order to submit. Application is due by Monday April 26th, 2021, 11:59pm.  Make sure you click “Submit Form” once you are finished! Once you press submit, you will no longer be able to add or delete information.

By submitting this application you affirm that the information contained is true and accurate.

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Starting with the ones you have been more committed to, list up to 5 high school activities. For example: student government, athletic teams, clubs, organizations, etc. Include dates  and any offices held: *
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Thank you for your submission! Please submit a copy of your current high school transcript and 2 letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes (one from an educator, one from a family member) to:
Barbie Garayúa Tudryn
FPGB- Mariposas Scholarship
101 Smith Level Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC
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