STO Guides App Developer Requests
As I am far too busy these days to develop this app any-more (I don't even have time to play the game more than once a month) I am looking for great people who want to help continue the development of this app now and into the future.
- Daniel "DazzaJay" Fitzgerald.

Are you looking to help the development of the Fan-Made STO Guides Android App?

▶ You Must have experience with writing basic HTML.
▶ You Must have experience with making apps in MIT App Inventor.
▶ You Must have encyclopaedic knowledge of Star Trek Online, (And know how to use the wiki).

If you have all of those, Fill this in. (If not, Send this to a friend that does).

This is not a paid job. (And it never will be).
There is no ads or ad revenue in the app. (And there never will be).
This is entirely unpaid and free, and for the sole purpose of helping other players.

And remember, The STO Guides app is a FAN MADE app, and is in no way affiliated with Cryptic, Atari, PWE or any of the other (Past, Present or Future) developers of Star Trek Online.

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