Hatch Tribe Mentor Application
Hatch Tribe is a community devoted to cultivating and connecting women entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to empower 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs by creating a culture where women are supported and encouraged to courageously pursue entrepreneurship, leading to a greater parity of women-owned businesses worldwide.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators to join our Mentor Team in the Hatch Tribe Members Circle.

- You must be an established, successful business owner
- You must be an expert in your field
- You must have a passion for sharing your wisdom with others so they can become more successful in life & business.

What Mentorship Looks Like:
- Our mentors typically present one of the following:
- Mentor Masterclass: A 60 - 90 minute webinar taught live with Q&A time with participants.
- Course: A multi-lesson, pre-recorded course that includes videos, worksheets, and instructions
- Contributor: A recurring feature shared monthly which typically includes a short 10-15 minute training video & resources

- Mentors are unpaid, but receive the following:
- Free lifetime membership to the Hatch Tribe Members Circle ($300 / year value)
- Promotion on Hatch Tribe Social Media, including Instagram + Facebook
- Promotion via the Hatch Tribe Newsletter

- If you're interested in becoming a Hatch Tribe Mentor, please complete the form below.
- We do not take submissions via email.
- Be very specific about what you'll teach. For example, "How to Create a Facebook Ad that Converts" is better than "Social Media Marketing".
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