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If you moved, was it work related?
If so, and your new principal workplace is at least 50 miles farther from your old home than your old workplace was. Please complete the Work Related Move worksheet on my website
Changes to marital status?
Please explain if your marital status changed from last years tax return (otherwise leave blank)
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Changes to Occupation?
Please update any changed from last years tax return (otherwise leave blank)
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Alimony received
If you received any alimony, how much?
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Alimony paid
If you paid any alimony, how much & to whom (do not provide social security numbers here)
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Please explain any changes in dependents (otherwise leave blank)
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Did you have any Tuition Expenses?
Please provide 1098-T form
Did you have any child or other dependent care expenses
If so, please complete Child & Dependent Care worksheet
Contributions to IRA or SEP IRA
(DO NOT INCLUDE PAYROLL DEDUCTION PLANS, THEY ARE REFLECTED ON YOUR W-2 FORMS) Please explain any contributions you made, or would like to make. (otherwise leave blank) if you would like the maximum deduction, say MAX. We will calculate your maximum deduction. Numbers can be reviewed & adjusted prior to filing.
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Casualty Losses
Did you incur a loss due to damaged or stolen property? If so, please explain (otherwise leave blank)
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Disability Income
Did you receive any disability income? if so, please include all forms reporting taxable portions with your tax papers (note:only taxable disability will be reported on 1099 forms) if you did not receive a 1099 type tax form it is most likely not taxable.
Did you purchase health insurance through the ACA exchange, Covered CA, ETC.
Covered CA, or other states ATC Exchange.
Real Estate
Did you purchase or sale any real estate? If so, please provide escrow closing statement with your tax papers. If you rented out any real estate, please complete Rental Worksheet
Sales tax on large purchases
Did you pay sales tax on any large items? if so, please complete the Itemized deductions worksheet
Job hunting expenses
Did you have any Job hunting expenses? if so, please list below
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Self Employment
Did you receive any 1099-misc non-employee compensation forms? if so, please send all 1099 forms with your tax papers. Also either complete our Business P&L Worksheet or send us your P&L, if using QuickBooks we will also need a Balance Sheet (Note:most corporations are exempt from receiving 1099 forms)
Other Income not reported on 1099 forms
Do you have any additional income that wasn't included on a 1099 or any other tax form that you would like to report? If so, please explain below
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Did you make any residential green energy improvements?
Solar, Wind or Geothemal
Did you purchase an electric automobile?
Notes anything you would like to add
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