She's Trending: Storytelling Workshop Package
Fill out the form below and our team will send you a invoice based on the size of your workshop for $225, $525, $825. Please note that additional fees may vary based on location and services.
Questions? Email or call (623) 850-1432.

She's Trending Workshop Package Includes:

-A one-time Director fee and speaker for the workshop
-A She's Trending Director Interview Feature (Max 1200 words)
-A She's Trending Story Feature (Max 400 words)
-A Private or Public Workshop (2 Hours)
-Storytelling Worksheets ( Max 10-20, 20-50, 50+)
-Social Media & marketing materials (Speaker photos, bios, graphics graphics)
-A $25 tax-deductible donation to One True Love non-profit organization (Feeds 18-20 people)
-A She's Trending Pop Up Storytelling Membership (Access to private Facebook group, exclusive discounts)

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