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Welcome to O.U.R.'s (Our United Resources), a member driven initiative located at 146 First St., situated besides The Common Park - a central nexus abutting Pittsfield's Westside, Morningside, and Southeast neighborhoods. .

Membership cooperatives like O.U.R.s create an avenue for direct, grassroots participation in decision making and invite community member control of local assets. They also build social networks and strengthen social cohesion, by connecting diverse community residents with necessary resources.

Initially O.U.R.'s is a provisional resource that supports skill sharing by availing community space to residents, businesses and organizations to hold classes, workshops, and/or arts and social service programming. Just as critical, it is a process orientated grassroots model set to build a coalition of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs formerly displaced by high rent, who, with the support of educational development organizations and allied institutions and residents, will in the next 4 years successfully co-purchase the building.

It is our hope that as we open the door to a cooperative ownership model, others too can begin steps to own or co-own their places of work and/or residences, a mighty step in creating wealth equity in our community, especially among minority and vulnerable peoples.

For those who need space, programming is segmented into two tiers, one for grassroots programming, the other for anchor institutions. All tenants are considered vital stakeholders in creating a co-owned community building, regardless if their interest is in being a tenant or an owner.

In partnership with Blueline Design Inc, tiered strategic planning will undertake the completion of third floor renovations, community input for the greening of the space including an on site community greenhouse with botanical gardens, and the steps necessary for the eventual co-purchase of the building with the goal of completing such endeavors with in a 4 year period.

Local Development Organizations will partner in this endeavor, providing routine educational workshops on site to support stakeholders and board members make progress toward this eventual goal. This initiative is being called O.U.R. (Our United Resources) to hold as reference in our general planning stages. Community input sessions will run on a monthly basis.

This initiative is made possible by the buildings current owner, Anthony Barnera, Architect and owner of Blueline Design Inc, one of Berkshire's Leading Architecture Firms. Anthony is a progressive resident leader who champions local economy and community owned enterprises. Anthony has been renovating the building located at 146 First St. since 2008, ensuring period details of the old Eagle Building are kept alive! Anthony also serves on the Board of Great Barrington's Land Trust. Email us at
or for more info!

Core Team, feel free to forward this application to individuals & orgs who may be interested in participating in this vital community resource.
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O.U.R.'s @ 146 First St. (parking in back)
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