Moodle to the Max - Trivia #4 (November 2018)
Complete a short trivia quiz about the Moodle to Max Project and Moodle My Media to go in the draw to win a gift card to the Habitat Cafe. To enter, answer all the questions on this quiz correctly (hint: visit the Moodle to the Max Project Page to find the answers!). One winner will be drawn at the end of November. This competition is open to faculty, associate faculty, and staff (CTET staff are not eligible).
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Trivia questions
What is My Media?
Which of the following is true about My Media? *
What is one example of a teaching or learning activity that My Media could be used for? *
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True or false? You can learn all about about My Media by completing a short self-paced course. *
What should you do if you have questions about My Media? *
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