FJFW Volunteers Form

Fiji Fashion Week has a reputable pool of volunteers. A group of people, most of them young, others older but with an interest in events. Some are employed in full time paid jobs and others are looking for the experience. All of them have a passion for fun and fashion and come to give their time and skills to be a part of an exciting event.
We invite applications from people interested in the following areas of Events Management:

1. Events Coordination
2. Sales & Ticketing
3. Food & Beverage
4. Event Set Up & Removals
5. Cleaning & Hygiene
6. Messenger, Runners
7. Hair & Make Up
8. Background & Set Design
9. Security
10. Decoration & Horticulture

Do you understand that volunteering means you will not get any money for the work you do for our events? If your answer is YES - continue filling this form.