The World Peace Games - The Power of Holding Space in the Classroom: with Shannon Griffin - Saturday, July 10th - 2-4pm CET
The World Peace Games: The Power of Holding Space in the Classroom


This webinar examines the underlying elements of an interactive conflict resolution game and how its principles might be used in classrooms.
The World Peace Games, created by educator John Hunter, is a geopolitical simulation which challenges the players to find a path through complex global problems to achieve world peace. However, the real gift in this game is the space that is held for students in the course of play, allowing them to build solutions to seemingly intractable problems. In this space, relying on their own ingenuity and cooperation, students have an opportunity to practice skills such as perspective taking and compassion. Through examining this game and the principles behind it we will explore how empty space can be fostered in the classroom, and how it can contribute to cultivating skills which foster empathy in students.

Shannon Griffin just completed an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia focusing on Religion, Politics, and Conflict. She also holds an MA in Jewish Civilization from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a BA in English from the University of Virginia. Her current research focuses on cultivating empathy and global ethics through education. Shannon is a teacher and the Global Language Initiative Coordinator at Heartwood Grove School in Richmond, VA, USA. In addition to teaching French, World History, and World Religions, she is a facilitator of The World Peace Games and Model United Nations at both the middle and high school levels. Shannon is passionate about languages, and her experiences learning languages as an adult certainly infuse her teaching. Shannon speaks French, Hebrew, and English, and she is currently learning Arabic. She also enjoys travel, particularly with her three daughters
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