Feedback: Library Session (Students)
We'd like to know what you learned today, and what you may need more help with. Please answer the following questions. Your anonymous replies will help usĀ improve our sessions in the future!
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Following today's library session, how confident do you feel with the following skills? Mark on a scale from 1 ("I still feel lost") to 5 ("I'm ready to do this!"). If a skill wasn't covered today, then mark "Not applicable." *
1: I still feel lost
5: I'm ready to do this!
Not applicable
Developing my research question
Developing keywords for searching
Using OneSearch
Citing sources in MLA style
Contacting a librarian for help later
What is the most important or useful concept you learned in today's library session? *
What is one issue you still have questions about, or need more help with? *
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