Blogging CEO VIP Group
A Group, specially managed for Paid Students who want my support and seeking for some important and hidden secrets of Internet Marketing. Specially for YouTube and other stuff I am doing. If you wish, join us.
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Rs. 2,000/- Pakistani or $24 Worldwide
Why To Join Group?
1- Receiving 100+ messages every day in which students keep asking me so many questions that of course I am unable to reply them all.

2- Able to answer Your questions only in Group.

3- Sharing updated stuff, tips and tricks, working strategies and so many things in Group.

4- Coming live and talk with every student who watches me live and answer their queries.

5- Having a team of 24+ great minded YouTuber who has made millions (Approx 66+ crores Pakistani) to this month since 2008 on YouTube. (I am just a little one earner 😉 )

6- My secret YouTube Team is also member of this group and nobody knows about them 😉

7- Each and every student helps each other whenever they get confused or stuck with anything when I am not available. So we work like a Family.

8- Not only Covering YouTube in this group. I am going to start few more courses which will absolutely be free of course. Like Blogging, Fiverr, Niche Blogging, SEO and much more. Well Known Bloggers and Professional will teach all these stuff.

9- Last but not least, you can only get answers to your queries only in my paid group.

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