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Dear Member,
Dear LC board Member,
Dear TO-Member,
Dear BeMSA friends,

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know what you were doing anymore? Have you ever missed purpose? Do you sometimes get lost? Well, a strategy might just be what you need then.
In order to make a BeMSA strategy for 2022, our small working group decided to do this needs assessment. In order to know where we want to be in 4 years, first of all we need to know where we are right now as an organization and which problems we face.
Our strategy will be based on 5 pillars: sustainability, visibility, external representation, national integrity and capacity.

This is why we are asking you, our members, the key element of our organization, to fill in this needs assessment. After gathering everybody’s answers, we hope that we can draw some conclusions and set up specific goals we need to work on.
This assessment will take about 20-30 min of your time. There is a maximum of 4 pages with questions depending on your function within this organization. Please read every question carefully and try to be as specific as possible. The more information we can gather the more specific and useful our strategy will be.

We thank you in advance for your time and commitment to our organization in general and the effort you'll put into this needs assessment. If the question is mandatory to fill in, but you don't know an answer, please fill in 'I don't know' in stead of filling in something irrelevant. This also provides us with essential information.

Warm hugs,
The SWG strategy 2022
For questions regarding this assessment or the strategy in general you can contact the supervising TO-member (Vincent Raymaekers -

Please read our privacy policy at The data provided is stored in the BeMSA Google Drive and is only accessible by relevant BeMSA members included in data analysis. The personal data will be deleted within two year of the creation of this form. If you wish to delete the data before, please contact However, deletion of any of this data, or failure to complete the form, might have implications towards your participation in BeMSA events, the possibility of us contacting you or more.
I hereby give my consent for processing my personal information. I am aware of the fact that the information provided is necessary for proper functioning of our activities. If you do not agree, please close the form without ticking the box below and clicking ‘Submit’. *
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