2018 Journalism Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the journalism class here at Arvada West High School. This elective class meets during fourth hour.

This class is not run like other academic courses; rather, it is more like a small business. To be a productive member of this class, the main requirement is attitude. In this course, you will be required to write articles for our social media platforms and our website. In addition, in order to meet our costs students sell advertisements. Additionally, you must have good writing, speaking, and researching skills. You should also enjoy conversing with people for interviews and sales. This class provides student with a lot of autonomy, so being a self-starter is important. Express yourself by joining our journalism staff and becoming the voice of the community.

The benefits of joining journalism include: a tight-knit group of students, inside access to school events such as plays, concerts, and sporting events, and the chance to improve your writing and photography skills. This course looks great on college applications too!

We would like to get to know you a little more. Using complete sentences and proper grammar, please fill out the following information for the current school year.

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