3WY Holiday Tag Signup 2017/1438 /4715
Starts: September 21st
Ends: February 21st
People to Contact: @danotick if you want to volunteer to help organize.
The Official Tag so Far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Drv-6243_9Pt-FD5Iyp61lovP68fVHvJwdmnKMYTs2g/edit?usp=sharing
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I understand that other people will be promoting my video before it comes out so regardless if i have a good video or not I need to put something out on the date of my holiday explaining the tag and the holiday and promoting the next person in line for the holiday tag. *
What is this Holiday tag?
On youtube there are these things called tags. There for people to use as community builders or for people to join a community. The Ice bucket challenge was a tag and is one of the reasons why we called the last tag #100DaysChallenge instead of #100DaysTag. But basically: you make a video and you tag other people to do it as well by naming them in the video.This tag will function in the same way. You do the tag and then you tag 2 other people plus you tag someone that already volunteered to do the tag so that people can go watch them and you help promote their channel. That's why you need to sign up! You can still do that tag if you don't sign up but you might not get promoted if you don't sign up.
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The Holiday Tag is being brought to you by Indie Intellect & 3WY
We are excited to bring the next tag by Indie Intellect and The 3rd Wave of YouTube (3WY). Indie Intellect is dedicated to helping people that want to create entertainment that inspires and want to do it for a living. That's why we do tags like this that build up the small youtuber community and make videos that help people think outside the box that big Youtubers and YouTube itself try to put us into! We don't play by the rules they give us we play by the rules that actually work.
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