ConBravo! 2019 Panel Application
Applications are due April 30th, 2019 by 11:59 PM EDT!

Whether you found something on the request list that tickled your fancy or just had your own idea for a panel, this is the application you've been looking for! Just fill out the application below! You will need to fill out a new application for each panel you wish to create or join.

Please note that panels are reviewed by the Panel Coordinator before proceeding to Green-lit status. To become Green-lit, you will need to fulfill the requirements posed to you by the Panel Coordinator. Here is a typical example of what they will be looking for:

» Two (2) to four (4) speakers per panel. Exceptions may be made if the Panel is a Workshop or more focused presentation of some kind, or otherwise best served with more or fewer participants. If multiple individuals apply for the same/similar panels, you will be put together for one (1) singular panel.

» A format. Formats include a Roundtable (panelists and crowd interacting), a Presentation (panelists only speaking, possibly with audio-visual aids), a Workshop (a practical how-to usually with audience participation), or a Q&A (audience asking questions primarily).

» An explanation of your panel. This is for the Panel Coordinator to review. It is NOT the description of your panel that goes in the schedule. The explanation is where you show all your work, tell us about your concept, and affirm that you know what you're talking about.

» A description. This is for the public. We ask that it be kept short, sweet, but informative so the audience knows what to expect when they go to your panel.

If you've got all that together, proceed!

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