TEMPLATE for Public Lab Software Community Survey 2019: Please don't fill this out
Thank you for participating in the Software Contributors Survey! We anticipate this taking about 10 minutes of your time.

We’re working hard to make our project more welcoming to newcomers, and to invite contributions from a more diverse community -- and at the Public Lab non-profit, we see this as essential to improving the project and building on a wider range of perspectives and experiences. Read more at https://publiclab.org/evaluation

Please answer as many questions as you can, and feel free to skip any that aren't required.

Please make sure to complete and SUBMIT the survey before leaving.

What we’ll do with the results
This survey is anonymous. Raw data that we (the Public Lab non-profit) collect will be posted publicly in aggregate visualizations, EXCEPT for long-responses and contact info (if you choose to share that), which will never be posted, as that could be personally identifiable.
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