Menzy Alpha Tester Role Applications
🟣 Fill out the application below to apply for a Menzy Alpha Tester role! Testers will get early access to game features to help us find and resolve bugs at a global level.

🟣  You must be a verified member of our discord server:
🟣 Good luck Menziens!

If you are selected please reach out to our mods to be awarded Alpha Test Role on discord! 🏆
What is your Discord name? (i.e Menzy#8888) *
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Which Mobile Operating System do you use? *
What type of gamer would you identify as? *
What type of fitness enthusiast would you identify as? *
Do you have prior experience with Game Development or Alpha testing? (Check all that apply - Leave blank if none apply) *
How many friends will you invite within your city for multiplayer mode? *
What is your favorite game of all time, and why? *
By completing this from, you agree to not share game assets, screenshots from pre-release builds, and media to anyone or any website. 

Failure to comply will result in termination of tester roles
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