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Based on your experience from the summer workshops, please share your responses:
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Quality of teaching was excellent.
Teaching and content was useful to me personally and professionally.
I felt better equipped to solve problems or address challenges.
It motivated me to take action on something I care about.
I would recommend this or future workshops to a friend.
I want to learn more about leadership, innovation, and improving my professional skills.
I am interested in online learning on these subjects.
Have you participated in other leadership or professional skills training before attending our program?
If yes, what other programs or trainings have you participated in before?
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Have you ever regularly attended classes or programs at a learning center?
This can be an afterschool program, test prep center, foreign language center - any learning center outside of your regular school or workplace
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How often do you need to access online resources for class or assignments?
How often does your teacher or professor email or send communications regarding class online?
How often do you interact with other students online for class discussions?
How often do you work with other students on class assignments or projects
How often do you use email to coordinate group work?
How often do you use a chat app to coordinate group work?
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