Lottery for psvsd
What is psvsd?

Since it does not seem like anyone else is going to produce this, I am setting up a lottery to sell the remaining stock I have for this adapter (at most 50 but likely less). The way this will work is that I will take submissions up until September. Then I will sort the names first by bid and then by random and email the top N people a purchase link (where N is the amount of stock remaining). Those people will have a week to purchase the adapter at the price of their bid. If they decline, I will repeat this process until all adapters are sold.

This is not a purchase form! You will not be paying any money right now and you are not promised to receive anything. If you are picked by the lottery, you will get a chance to buy psvsd!

Email address
How much are you willing to pay for psvsd? (in whole number USD including shipping)
Do you have a color preference? (Checking one means you will not be picked if that color is not in stock)
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