2017 Price & Style List for Custom Sewn Items with included size charts

The price of each item listed is calculated based on the amount of fabric that is used to create each item. Some fabrics are much more expensive than others and items created with that fabric will require an upcharge to compensate for the added cost to me. Please note, most of the custom fabrics that are listed in the "Fabrics available for custom orders" album are $25-30 per yard on average and each item is priced to reflect that. I work very hard and spend lots of time researching suppliers so that our kiddos will be dressed in the best quality fabrics out there. Custom fabric has become an obsession for me so now I'm sharing that with you!

Occasionally, non custom knit fabrics may be offered. In the event that these fabrics cost less than the normal $25-30 per yard prices will be reduced to reflect that.

All knit fabric is prewashed on cold with no detergent and dried to account for shrinkage and fading; When caring for your item it is best to wash on cold and lay flat/ hang to dry to prolong the life of the item.

***SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE*** and is calculated based on weight

***Upcharges for higher priced fabric will range from $3-$10***

***Items that use a panel in addition to regular fabric will also receive an upcharge due to the added cost that the panel is to me (typically between $5-10)***

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