2018-2019 SRdL Religious Education

Registration is currently accepted during office hours; and Sundays at 11:30 AM on class days for the first month of classes.

The RE office is open during the week, Tuesday-Friday 10 AM - 2 PM.

All classes are scheduled to begin Sunday, September 9.
(Students that have registered after 2 PM Friday, September 7 will not begin class until the following week, September 16.)

The RE calendar is already on the Religious Education section our parish website.
(Our Google Calendar ID is: 4b65es4rbf68itk8s7q7a4d6ok@group.calendar.google.com)

Any questions please contact the RE Office at 254.793.0273, or email Karen Kurtin, DRE at srdl.dre@gmail.com, (o para espaƱol: Deanna Ramirez at asst.dre@srdl-cc.org)

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